Illuminate AI Meetup 2022

February 7th-10th 2022

8 am – 10 am PST


Eden Waller

Customer Engineer –  Google

Nitin Aggarwal

Head of Cloud AI Services – India Google

Anirudh Koul

AI Scientist – Pinterest

Alexander Baker

Data Scientist

Sanjay Vishwakarma

Research Software Engineer – Quatum IBM Research

Beverly Wang

Data Scientist Integrated Health Information Systems

Ana Chubinidze

CEO Adalan AI


7th Feb 8:30 am PT Conference Kick-off Conference Kick-off
7th Feb 9:00 am PT Eden Waller How AI can completely disrupt the medical industry as we know it
8th Feb 8:00 am PT Nitin Agarwal Think @ Scale for AI/ML Models
8th Feb 9:00 am PT Alexander Baker The Foundations of Geographic Data
9th Feb 8:00 am PT Anirudh Koul SpaceML Worldview Search: The NoCode Earth & Natural Disaster Dataset Curator from Unlabeled Petabyte Scale Imagery
9th Feb 9:00 am PT Ana Chubinidze AI Ethics in 3D: Ethics of Data, Algorithm and Usage
10th Feb 8:00 am PT Sanjay Vishwakarma Quantum Computing 101
10th Feb 9:00 am PT Dr Beverly Wang Medication Auto-Encoder --- NLP Application in Healthcare